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and in that one split second, we have fallen. / a soon as i rest assured, i'm back on my feet. / 40 hour drives jut over the limit, crashing through the summer air. / our cars break the silence easier then thunderstorms. / kissing the cheek of a rough sketch, and perfection isn't too far away. / and i wonder if i'll feel the same when i'm 21 and all alone / will i remember how simple we were? / i don't have a choice but to wait for this. / because I’ve convinced myself this is right. / i'll write this down for you in the sand / and the tide will wash this away, in time. / tomorrow we can breathe again / and you whisper it will be easier any day now, it always is. / and the sky has no choice but to glitter, now, / so we break the silence with our weakest sighs / and all the doubt in your eyes is something to which I can relate. / I know not only do we make such wonderful mistakes, / But we are so beautiful in the dead of night. / and we walk with fingers entwined / and remember what we once thought was our time / and smiling came so easily, / but the fall wind blew what we had going steady / as winter came and went / and the seasons got the best of us / I see the way you changed me, now / and how I could have just as easily let go / but I held on, and you did the same / but my fingers lost grip / and now I can see what wasn’t so clear / that I really only know the ghost of you / and no solid residue of anything you are / will ever sting my lips again / as we spoke, you looked into the distance / as if to picture us down the road / and now I know that this is a change in frequency.

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