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I love writing it's one of my favorite things but I hate exploiting my past/emotions or just plain thoughts to others. I get told alot by my friend  that what I write could be made in to songs,ect. I guess what I fear the most is people being able to read me through my writing. Maybe, it's the problem of people finding they can read me and see through me and maybe I want to stay fake and locked up? I've learned to hide my emotions for years. I really never really had anyone to share them with. I have/felt like I've been on a island for years without anyone knowing me or my exsistance. The main reason why I joined this community is because I enjoyed reading the entrys and seeing peoples views on shit. I give those who can show their writings to others alot of credit. I will end up posting some of my stuff because you shouldn't join a community if you're not going to have any part in it?.

Well,I'm done.



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