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She walks the rubble streets boasting in her royalty
A princess who has everything, everything the stole from me
She’s doing her best to hide who she is, from the kings and queens
She waltzes by with deceit in her eyes and she cant even look at me
But when no ones around she tries to reconcile
and turn back the hands of time
But as for me the life she leads I’d be happier in poverty

Where’s your knight in shining armor, the one you said would rescue you
He would climb your highest tower, your majesty
But once again you passed the peasant, passed me along your way
Don’t bother with me cant you see, you were never in love with me

The castles are quiet the town is silenced by the king’s resounding voice
He’s discovered the truth that lies beneath his daughters disguise
A betrayal that controlled the destiny, its remains are on the street side
My clothes are rags my dirty feet, I was the prince to be

Hello. This is written by Alex Watson (I'm his moderator but he will be taking over as soon as I get everything set up for him). If you like acoustic music would you please check out the links behind this lj-cut. Thanks in advance.    (Please leave feed back)

Yes kids, it's time for me to be a promotion whore...

Alex Watson is a native of Brunswick, Georgia and he is a freaking amazing artist! I would really, really, really appreciate it if y'all would check out his music (the links are below). If you enjoy his music, you can buy a CD for dirt cheap ($6) and you can either e-mail me at or just leave me a comment! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!

How can you say no to this face, lol?

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